How should I store my culture?

by Kim

Your culture will likely be at room temperature when you receive it, however, it is best stored in the fridge or freezer as this helps prolong the shelf life.

Cheese, Fresh Cheese, Vegetable, Sourdough, Kefir and Yoghurt cultures are shelf stable for 12 months if kept under 20 degrees Celsius. To prolong the shelf life by a further year, store them in the freezer.

Specialty Cheese cultures should always be stored in the freezer.

The colder you can store it, the longer it will last! All our cultures are freeze-dried which means that the environment inside the packet is perfect for freezing without any negative impact.

Storing Opened Packets:

If you have opened a packet and only used a small amount, this can still be frozen.

Either use a small airtight pottle (sanitised and completely dry) if you have one or fold over the culture packet to seal it and then wrap it in cling film or foil and store in the freezer. 

You need to ensure this is sealed to avoid moisture and note it won’t last as long as unopened.