Why do I get such a low yield of ricotta?

by Kelsey

There are a few things that will influence the yield you get, including:

  • The season in which the milk is produced (this applies to most cheeses)
  • The level of acidity present (this applies to most cheeses)
  • The temperature you heat the whey to (this applies to most cheeses)
  • Not adding enough citric acid
  • Breaking down curds by over stirring and removing before they have time to cool
  • Your yield will be lower when making whey Ricotta 
  • If making whey ricotta make it using fresh whey
  • Milk is not as fresh - the fresher the better (this applies to most cheeses)
  • When making whole milk ricotta if you don't heat enough your yield can be 30% lower
  • If your whey is milky in colour after removing the curds this means your yield will be low because you haven't managed to separate the whey and curd well