Can I make dairy-free kefir?

by Kelsey

Making Kefir

You can use juice, coconut water, coconut powder and soy milk as alternatives to dairy milks. This allows lower fat options and options for those with intolerance. 

We haven't tested our kefir kit with coconut or almond milk before but we think it is worth a try!

The only concern we have is that without a thickener, as the pH of the beverage drops it could cause the milk to curdle and separate.

We recommend to use milk, soy, coconut water or fruit juice.

See the How to Guide and How to Video for how to make Kefir without milk.

Kefir Culture

Please Note - there is a very tiny amount of dairy in the culture so are not suitable for a dairy-free or vegan diet. 

As you're using such a low amount each time, some lactose intolerant people use this without problems - however please seek professional advice for your own level of intolerance.