Why does my sauerkraut keep getting mouldy?

by Kelsey

Mould growth usually indicates one or more of the following issues;

  • that the pH is not dropping as it should do
  • unsatisfactory sterilisation after each use
  • entry into the crock through the holes due to a low water level in the moat 

Here are a few tips to help with the above;

  1. Sterilise thoroughly with Mad Millie Steriliser or boiling water, and drip dry.
  2. Remember to chop the cabbage finely - to increase the surface area for the culture to work on
  3. Add 2.5 Tbsp of salt - take your time mixing the salt through the cabbage and until you see the juices being released.
  4. For a faster and more reliable fermentation use our Mad Millie Vegetable Culture, see here for how to use it.
  5. Add the cabbage to the crock- make sure it is packed tightly- and cover with weights.
  6. Very important to make sure to cover your cabbage and weights with the juices released. If you don't have enough to cover everything you can make some extra brine - make sure nothing sticks out.
  7. Add water to the mote and cover with the lid, ensure the water level always cover's the holes- this will ensure that gas can escape but nothing can enter (keep crock away from direct sunlight).
  8. Water will evaporate so make sure to check the water level in the mote each day and replenish
  9. Ferment at 20 degrees, if it is colder than this fermentation will take longer.

We would also recommend sterilising your jar thoroughly before using it again. To clean and inhibit microbial growth, we recommend cleaning and sanitising with boiling water. Sauerkraut crock and weights can also be placed in the oven at 110°C for approximately 10 minutes to further dry and sterilise.