Can I ferment other vegetables in the Fermenting Crock?

by Kelsey

Yes the crock can be used to ferment chillies and any other vegetables!

The recipe is the same for all and follows the sauerkraut instructions;

  1. Wash vegetables
  2. Sprinkle the fermented vegetable culture and salt on the vegetables and mix through
  3. Place in the crock
  4. Depending on the vegetable, if there’s enough juices to cover them, prepare additional brine (usually 1 Tbsp salt in 1L of water, but check if you're following a different recipe)
  5. Leave to ferment at room temperature

Below are a few ideas for different combinations of vegetables you can use. Don’t be scared to mix lots of different vegetables together for your ferment, this will give delicious flavour and texture combinations to add to a salad or eat on its own.

Follow the Mad Millie Fermenting Crock How to Guide for details on sealing your crock, fermenting times and temperatures.

For all of these options we recommend using a brine solution of 3 Tbsp salt/1L water to cover the vegetables in your crock. If using Mad Millie Fermented Vegetable Culture mix this into your brine solution.

  • Fermented Asparagus with Chilli - Cut the ends off your asparagus stalks and stand them all upright in the crock. Pop some chopped chillies in there with the stalks and cover with your brine solution.
  • Fermented Carrots, Garlic and Pickles - We recommend finding the little cucumbers so you can make whole pickles, but if you can’t find those then chop your cucumber into 10cm pieces to get the similar effect. Cut both ends off your carrots and peel them as the skin can create a bitter flavour. No need to peel the cucumbers, just give them a good wash. Peel the garlic and throw the cloves in whole, as many as you dare knowing they’ll flavour the carrots and pickles. Pour over the brine solution and let the fermentation begin!
  • Fermented Broccoli and Cauliflower - These little trees are the perfect snack to grab on the run. They hold their shape really well and are easy to pick out and crunch on.
  • Fermented Capsicum and Courgette/Zucchini - This combination is delicious thrown into a salad for flavour, colour and texture. Make sure you core the capsicum and remove the seeds before beginning.