How do I use the cheese press?

by Kelsey

Operation of the cheese press is nice and easy;

  1. Scoop the curds into the mould.
  2. Place the disk/pressing plate on top of the curds, flat side up. Fold the muslin cloth on top of the disk, making sure it is clear of the screw.
  3. Place the top of the press on top of the mould - twist the lid so that the lid locks into the mould.
  4. Start screwing the knob in order to get the metal rod to put pressure on the pressing disk. The scale will pop up and indicate how much pressure is being applied to the cheese. Refer to your recipe for the amount of pressure that needs to be applied - this varies between recipes and see the guide below for how this is represented on the scale; MM_CheeseScale.png

The How to Video for Cheddar also might be helpful. Below you can see scale popping up as pressure is being applied: