Kombucha Crock - How to Attach the Tap and Washers

by Mel
  1. From the small brown box in the kit, you will need;
    • tap
    • 2 rubber washers (round rings)
    • 2 stainless steel rings
  2. Peel the blue plastic off the 2 stainless steel rings
  3. Unscrew the washer/bolt that is on the tap thread and slide on 1 of the larger washers first then 1 of the plastic rings (make sure the stainless ring is shaped to sit flush with the plastic ring)
  4. Put this in the top whole of the crock
  5. First, slide on the plastic ring - note these are meant to be tight! Then the stainless steel ring making sure its curved the same way as plastic ring
  6. Then screw on the small washer nice and tight, best to hold tap securely so it doesn't turn as you tighten the washer.