Mad Millie Conversion Table

by Kelsey

With Mad Millie products, as with general baking, it's important to get the measurements right. If you use a different measurement it could throw off the ratio of ingredients and mean your product doesn't end up the way it should.

Due to different countries using different measurements, we wanted to help you ensure you're using the same as we are, so you can follow our instructions easily.

We normally use the New Zealand and Australia metric measurements and offer an imperial alternative. However, there usually just isn't enough space to put all options on there! So please refer to the table below:

 Cups & Spoons to ml in different regions NZ/AU UK USA
 1 Cup 250 ml 284 ml 237 ml
 1 tsp 5 ml 6 ml 5 ml
 1 Tbsp 15 ml 18 ml 15 ml
 Liquid Volume 
 1 ml   0.001 US qt
 0.034 US fl oz
 1 L   0.264 US Gal
 1.057 US qt
 1 US qt   946 ml
 0.946 L
 1 US fl oz  29.57 ml 
 1 US Gal  3.785 L
 Solid Volume  
 1 g    0.002 lb
 0.035 oz
 1 kg   2.2 lb
 35.274 oz
 1 oz   28.35 g
 0.028 kg
 1 lb   453.6 g
 0.45 kg

 Other Solid Volume

For the below ingredients they are usually referred to by weight as they are solid. However, with cooking/baking it can often be easier to measure in cups which is a measure of volume (ml). For Mad Millie we have provided both weight and cups, the cup is the New Zealand/Australia cup size of 250 ml. The weight and cup (ml) size sometimes may not seem to correlate, this is because some ingredients are heavier or lighter eg 1 cup of flour vs 1 cup of nuts.

If you are not in New Zealand or Australia and aren’t sure on conversions of cups, we recommend you use the weight measurement, which will give them the same and correct amount of ingredient.
 White Sugar  1 cup (200 g)
 Flour; white, wholemeal, rice and sorghum  1 cup (128 g)
 Raisins  1 cup (128 g)
 Tapioca Flour  1 cup (89 g)
 Raw Soybeans  1 cup (160 g)
 Chickpea Flour  1 cup (97 g)
 Nut; macadamias, almond  1 cup (160 g)
 Nut; cashew  1 cup (150 g)