Can I use sheep's milk in Mad Millie cheese recipes?

by Kelsey

You can use sheep's milk in some of our recipes.

Mozzarella will not work as it needs a specific milk, but for others yes, sheep's milk can be used.

Some important points to note:

  • Make sure to use sheep's milk within 3 days of milking if it's fresh raw milk. 
  • Sheep's milk is very high in butterfat - you will need to stir the top layer into the milk before adding the rennet.
  • Using sheep's milk, you might find that you will need to increase the rennet, add the advised amount first and if a curd is not forming then add the same amount again.
  • When cutting the curds, make larger cubes to avoid losing butterfat.
  • Reduce the pressing weight if making hard cheese as the curd is more fragile.
  • You may need to lower the ripening temperature of hard and specialty cheeses to 3-5°C (37-41°F).