Do I have to and if so, how do I pasteurise my milk?

by Kelsey

Pasteurisation kills harmful bacteria which is why standard store bought milk is pasteurised.

In many countries legal regulations prevent the sale of unpasteurised or raw milk to protect the consumer.

Some people have access to raw milk direct from farms and prefer to use unpasteurised milk. This is your choice. You can use raw milk with a lot of the Mad Millie kits, just note that some bacteria found in the milk may compete with the Mad Millie culture and affect the success of the product.

There are two methods to pasteurise your milk;

  • Method 1 : Heat milk to 68°C or 154°F and hold for 2 mins.
  • Method 2 : Heat milk to 63°C or 146°F and hold for 30 mins