What are the best unhomogenised milk brands?

by Kelsey

There may certainly be more brands than these, and please contact us to let us know if you have a favourite brand that never fails you, but these below we have tried and tested, so we are happy to recommend them.

New Zealand unhomogenised milk brands are usually silver top (but please check to ensure it says on the bottle non-homogenised or unhomogenised).

We also recommend going to your local health food store or wholefoods to find your local brand.

New Zealand Australia United Kingdom United States 
Lewis Road Creamery Organic Non-Homogenised Milk Paul's Farmhouse Gold Milk Graham's - The Family Dairy Gold Top (not Gold Smooth) Original Jersey Milk Organic Valley Top Grassmilk
Kelsey_milk_resized_250ml-04.jpg  Kelsey_milk_resized_250ml-10.jpg Kelsey_milk_resized_250ml-01.jpg  Kelsey_milk_resized_250ml-11.jpg
Anchor Silver Top Milk Farmer's Own Full Cream Milk Graham's - The Family Dairy Organic Whole Milk (check for unhomogenised) Straus Family Creamery Organic Whole Milk
Kelsey_milk_resized_250ml-03.jpg blobid0.jpg Kelsey_milk_resized_250ml-09.jpg Kelsey_milk_resized_250ml-16__1_.jpg
Meadow Fresh Farmhouse Milk Margaret River Organic Full Cream Milk Waitrose Duchy Traditional Whole Milk Kalona Supernatural Whole Milk
Kelsey_milk_resized_250ml-14.jpg   Kelsey_milk_resized_250ml-13.jpg Kelsey_milk_resized_250ml-08.jpg  Kelsey_milk_resized_250ml-05.jpg
  Scenic Rim 4 Real Milk (QLD) Tesco Finest Channel Island Whole Milk  
   Kelsey_milk_resized_250ml-15.jpg Kelsey_milk_resized_250ml-07.jpg