What can I add to my second ferment?

by Kim

You can get as creative as you want!

The best way to add flavour is to;

  1.  Add some juice of your flavour preference into the sterilised bottle.
  2. Then add your kombucha and seal.

This will give both flavour and the sugar the kombucha needs to carbonate.

Some suggestions for below;

  • Juice flavouring - start with up to 20% juice and 80% kombucha
  • Fruit (fresh, frozen or dried) - start with up to 30% fruit and 70% kombucha
  • Chia Seeds - add 2 tsp of chia seeds for added benefits and texture.
  • Ginger - add a slice of ginger root to get that fiery ginger flavour.
  • Flavour Extracts eg vanilla - start with ¼ tsp of extract per 1 cup (250mL) of kombucha.